How It Works


Debug Turbo contains more than just Neem oil or Azadirachtin alone but both, combined with over 100 botanically derived triterpenoids that enhance its effectiveness.

Research has shown that pesticides containing Azadirachtin alone are less effective and prone to a) UV degradation, b) Oxidation c) Pest immunity.

In short, our formulation is more stable, lasts longer & targeted pests do not develop immunity.

Debug Turbo arrives as a concentrate that needs to be mixed with water before application. Dilute concentrate (~1% solution) into spray bottle that we provide before use.


Insecticide - Kills a broad spectrum of insects in various development stages.

Anti-Feedant - Deters insects from feeding on treated surfaces.

Repellent - Prevents insects from entering the treated area.

Insect Growth Regulator - Prevents young insects from reaching adulthood, deters positioning, and disrupts the molting process.

Works Against:

Aphids, Armyworms, Fall Armyworms, Beetles, Beanleaf, Beetles, Cucumber Beetles, Japanese Beetles, Mexican Beetles, Colorado Potato Beetles, Potato Flea Beetles, Corn beetles, Flea Beetles, Borers, Budworms, Casebearers, Caterpillars, Codling Moth Fruit Flies, Gnats, Fungus Gnats, Grasshoppers, Grubs Leaf Hoppers, Leaf Perforators, Leafminers, Leafrollers, Loopers, Cabbage loopers, Lygus Bug Maggots, Onion Maggots, Mealybugs, Mildew, Rust and Powdery Mildew, Mites, Two Spotted Spidermites, Pacific Spider Mites, Moths, Diamondback Moths, Gypsy Moths, Grape Berry Moths, Nematodes Orange Totrix, Phylloxera, Phythium, Psylla, Psyllids Rhizoctonia Solani Scales, San Jose Scale, Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum Sclerotium Rolfsii Sharpshooters, Sucker Ants Thrips Weevils, Pepper Weevils, Boll weevils Whiteflies, Worms, Wireworms, Webworms, Budworms, Alfalfa Worms, Boll Worms, Pickle Worms, Fagot Worms, Root Worms, Ear Worms, Cut Worms and more...